SCALA and University of Tsukuba Forge Partnership Alliance for Sport Entertainment Development

SCALA (led by President and Representative Executive Officer Norikatsu Nagino) and University of Tsukuba, Bureau of Physical Education and Sports (led by COO Hideki Takagi), a leading Japanese college, are proud to announce their strategic alliance. This partnership aims to promote college sports entertainment and develop human resource with inclusive of all stakeholders, including domestic and international students, alumni, Tsukuba City, private companies, and local citizens. Scala will also support the whole design and running of a sustainable community by using knowledge of sports business.

(CEO Norikatsu Nagino of Scala and COO Hideki Takagi of the University of Tsukuba signed an agreement for the Alliance about Sport Entertainment Development at Scala office.)

(TSUKUBA LIVE! Activities at the University of Tsukuba)

University of Tsukuba

The University of Tsukuba, rooted in Japan’s post-war educational reforms, has evolved into a prestigious institution renowned for its focus on STEMM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine), physical education, and interdisciplinary studies. Situated at the heart of Tsukuba Science City, alongside 300 research institutions, its location epitomizes its commitment to cutting-edge research and innovation.

With a rich academic heritage, the university boasts three Nobel laureates among its esteemed faculty, along with an impressive cohort of over 70 Olympic athletes. This blend of academic excellence and athletic prowess underscores its dynamic ethos.

The University of Tsukuba distinguishes itself through interdisciplinary PhD programs in Human Biology and Empowerment Informatics, fostering collaborative research at the forefront of scientific inquiry. Notably, the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine stands as a testament to its commitment to addressing pressing societal challenges.

While consistently ranked among the top 400 global universities (Asia #85th, Japan #8th), the University of Tsukuba continues to push the boundaries of knowledge, embodying a spirit of innovation and academic excellence that resonates on the world stage.

Background of the Alliance

For the past 151 years, the University of Tsukuba has sworn to “Innovation” and “Challenge”, and under the slogan of “IMAGINE THE FUTURE.” as an advanced university, has always been pioneering the future of education, advancement of science and technology, and development of sports. Inheriting the thoughts of our predecessors, the University of Tsukuba will continue to design the future with a strong awareness of our ties with stakeholders, including the international community, local communities, and students.

We provide a one-stop solution for “value creation management” and “AI/IoT consulting,” leveraging our abilities to uncover true challenges and unearth hidden value in resources, thus creating new businesses to solve societal problems.
Among these initiatives, our Web3 fan club service “Fanique,” selected this time, strongly connects the plentiful resources and the aspirations of predecessors at the University of Tsukuba, fitting into the future envisioned by the university. Furthermore, there is alignment in the philosophies and values between our company and the University of Tsukuba, and this collaboration agreement significantly contributes to the development of both parties.

We will join hands with all stakeholders and continue to accompany the University of Tsukuba towards realizing “DESIGN THE FUTURE, TOGETHER.” for the next 50 years and beyond.

(Outlook of Alliance)

Alliance Provisions Include:

・Acquire and expand the fanbase and fan-community for university sports.
・Enhance talent development through university sports.

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